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APPROVED January 2020


Article IX. Rules and Regulations



  1. Nonmember guests within 15 miles of the city are not allowed.

  2. Members may have guests at Prestwood CC provided that the guests reside 15 miles outside of the Hartsville city proper. These guests must be declared beforehand to the management (843- 332-9391).

  3. Facility rentals do not apply when visiting the Club as a guest of a member.

  4. Guests must be with members at all times.

  5. Adult children: If an adult child is living with the parent and remains a tax deduction,  the adult child is then considered a member.



  1. The Club House is for the use of all members of Prestwood Country Club, Inc. and will be made available in a fair and equitable manner. Availability will be maintained by the Manager on a first-come, first-served basis for the following areas of the clubhouse:

        a. Ballroom, Pub Area, and Lake Lounge (parties greater than 50 people; considered one area for scheduling purposes), includes                    kitchen and service bar.

       b. Lake Lounge and Lake Lounge Dock (adult parties of 50 or fewer people).

       c. Prestwood Room (youth events, birthday parties).


 III. Rules Regarding Facilities:

  1. If your group is larger than 50 people, please reserve the Ballroom/Pub area/ Lake Lounge. The Lake Lounge is designed for small parties ( i.e. cocktail parties, bridge parties, bridal showers, etc. of 50 people or less).

  2. Should you need rearrangement of any furniture or equipment for your function, let the Manager know when you make application for use of the Club. The reserving member will be responsible for any fees associated with furniture placement/ removal.

  3. Furniture, furnishings, equipment, etc., can’t to be loaned.

  4. A schedule of rental fees is determined by the Board of Governors annually. A non-member may not rent without a member co-host unless the non-member and event represent a business entity. These rules also apply to hosts/co-hosts of wedding events. Decorations are limited to those that can be used without attaching to walls, posts, ceiling or other surfaces using staples, nails, tacks, scotch tape, etc.

  5. Dogs are allowed on club grounds on a leash or under voice command by their owner. If another member requests an owner to leash their pet, the owner will comply. Pet owners will also clean-up after their pet(s).

       ***Members / Business rentals are required to pay a minimum clean-up fee for the clubhouse or playground area. Cleaning fees will             be determined annually and published with the schedule of rental fees. Cleanup fees may be waived at manager’s discretion.



  1. Personnel gates are to be used only during Club hours. In order to maintain security, gates are to be closed after each entry and exit. The manager has the responsibility for checking the gates daily to ensure club security.

  2. The gate near the boat dock may be used by the First Presbyterian Church for access between their clubhouse and the PCC parking lot upon prior notification to the Club manager.


  1. Boat storage is available for member's use on a lottery basis. No rent shall be charged. Boats will be left at owner's risk.

  2. Any boat with tags expired more than six months will be considered abandoned property. The manager will contact the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) to determine owner information. The owner will be contacted and have 10 days to remove the boat. Any fees assessed to the Club by the SCDNR will be borne by owner/member, who will forfeit boat storage privileges.

  3. Boat operators must abide by the SC Department of Natural Resources rules of operation and registration. A “No Wake” zone of 200ft. of Prestwood Country Club shorelines is observed.

  4. Overnight boat trailer storage is not allowed.

  5. Non-member guests (inside the 15 mile radius) usage of a members boat is not allowed.

  6. Boat slips will be determined at the Annual Meeting using a lottery system.

 a. To become eligible the boat owner must provide proof of insurance, boat motor location and be current with PCC dues.


A. The courts are for all club members and their guests when accompanied by members. The USTA Code of Conduct will be followed by all players.

B. Court #1, #2, #3, and #4 are available by reservation by calling the Club office no more than 48 hours in advance.

C. All players must wear smooth bottom tennis shoes and wear shirts at all times.

  1. Tennis courts are for the use of playing tennis only.

  2. Lights may be used every night and must be turned off by 10:30 p.m. The last player(s) on the courts are responsible for turning off the lights.

  3. All adult club members in good standing may use the ball machine on Court #1. Members under the age of 17 may use the machine only with proper supervision by an adult member. The club manager will provide the lock’s combination to members wishing to use the ball machine.

  4. USTA League Teams - Club members wishing to use the PCC courts for USTA League play may do so under the following restrictions:

    1. Ten percent of the team’s members must be PCC members and the Captain must be a member of PCC.

    2. Non-members must pay a $50 fee for each team per league season.

    3. Captains must post play / practice dates on the courts’ bulletin board.

    4. League play may not take precedence over scheduled club events approved by the tennis committee.

    5. Captains of teams using the courts must provide a copy of the team’s roster to the Club manager at the beginning of the league season.


Parents and others responsible for children using the pool are responsible for those children and ensuring they follow posted DHEC regulations and pool safety rules to make the pool enjoyable and safe for all.

  1. Do not enter the pool if you have a contagious disease, open sores, foot infection, or any infectious condition.

  2. No glass bottles or containers are permitted in the enclosed swimming pool area.

  3. No dogs or other animals are permitted in the pool area.

  4. No bicycles, skateboards, or other vehicles are permitted inside the pool’s enclosure.

  1. The Club is not responsible for loss of personal property.

  2. The opening and closing dates and pool hours will be set by the Board in consultation with the Club Manager.

  1. Members should introduce guests to the Manager or the lifeguard on duty if the manager is not on duty.

  2. Members must shower before entering the pool especially if they have been in the lake prior to the pool.

  3. Diving from the pool edge is prohibited.

  4. No children under 12 years old are allowed in the pool without a parent or a guardian.

  5. Members may rent the gazebo/pavilion for a fee as determined by the Board of Governors. All fees must be paid in advance at least two-weeks in advance. Pool Parties are scheduled with Club Manager.

  6. When sending a child care provider (who is a non-member) in your place as the caregiver a sitter pass will be needed. 

  7. Parents needing to purchase a sitter pass will need to contact the manager.

  8. If a parent is present a non-member caregiver (outside the 15 mile radius) is not allowed.

  9. Pool Party rental fees are set forth annually by the Board.

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