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A narrow foot bridge, dating back to  the 1790s, was once the only  way to cross Black Creek which runs through the community of Hartsville.  Completion of a dam in 1896 created Prestwood Lake, named for the Prestwood family who once ferried travelers and locals across the creek.  The newly formed lake, surrounded by pine and cypress, soon became a popular destination for water sports and recreation.  Through a generous land grant from the Law Estate, Prestwood Country Club was founded along the banks of this picturesque lake.


The founding members met on Friday evening, July 3rd, 1914 at the Arcade Hotel (now the Sonoco Products Company Credit Union) to organize the Club.  T. E. Goodson was elected President, C.G. Timberlake Vice-President, and C. Manship Secretary/Treasurer.  Others present were elected to the first Board of Governors and named trustees of the Club...McKinnon, Coker, Lawton, Law, among others.


The early club consisted of an open-air pavillion where members enjoyed dancing and entertainment.  A swimming and sunning dock stretched out into the lake, secured to a pair of cypress trees...trees which still thrive there today and are incorporated into our Club logo.  The water along the dock was divided into "swimming holes."  The most shallow water reserved for the children, fondly remembered as the "Cooter Pin."


The first enclosed clubhouse was completed in 1922 and has since been renovated...first in 1954 and then again in 1976.  The Clubhouse has been the site for many events in its 100 years...Cotillions, corporate functions, wedding receptions, civic meetings, and even hosting the Glenn Miller Band.  During WWII, the Club served as a Soldier Center, inviting soldiers to rest and relax during their leave. 


The club has expanded over the years to include a pool and bathhouse (completed in 1961), playground, boat slips, and tennis courts.  It is and will remain...a sanctuary for rest, relaxation, and recreation.



Minutes of meeting of founding members of Prestwood Country Club, July 3rd 1914

Nor is any land diviner

Than the one whose sons enshrine her

In their heart of hearts, though exiled, as their Mother Carolina,

And she holds their love in keep

And when shadows gather deep,

To her fragrant sanctuary they will come home to sleep



Excerpt from Southern Pines

Archibald Rutledge (1883-1973)




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