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Membership Inquiry

Application for membership must be made in writing and endorsed by at least two members of the Club. The Board of Governors will review the application.  The President will notify applicants of the status of their membership application.


To inquire about membership or to submit a completed application e-mail here


Membership Classes 


(A) Regular Membership:  person/families and all children not self-supporting.  Entitles members to full access to Club facilities and rental of venues at no cost, except a standard clean-up fee.  This level of membership is limited to 425 members.  An initiation fee and 1st month's dues required paid in advance.  Dues will be drafted monthly.


Monthly Dues: $ 100.00 Family

                            $  90.00 Single


Please submit the following:

  • complete application

  • draft authorization form along with a voided check

  • first month's dues

Membership Information

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